Predicting the FOX 2012 Fall TV Schedule

Here goes nothing as it’s time to jump into the mind of FOX Chief Kevin Reilly and attempt to predict the future and give my best guess on what the Fall 2012 FOX television schedule is going to look like.


8 pm – With longtime Monday occupant House M.D. riding off into the sunset network glue Bones keeps its Monday night perch gifted to it this spring to bring some stability to the night and lead into new drama…

9 pm – Untitled Berman / Wright Project which of course has the catchiest name on the schedule.  While the Jordana Spiro led drama about a top cardiothoracic surgeon (Spiro) who, to save her gambling-indebted brother, is forced to moonlight as a mob doctor awaits an official name you can start figuring out how this show turns into the female version of House.


8 pm – Even with eroding ratings Glee is back on its same night and same time.

9 pm – FOX hit New Girl returns for season two.  Hopefully FOX won’t make the same mistake twice and keep this comedy off the air for an entire month again this fall.  New Girl will be followed by new comedy Untitled Mindy Kaling Project starring (you guessed it) Mindy Kaling of The Office fame.


8 pm – After a bumpy first season featuring ratings far below the expectations of creator and star Simon Cowell, The X Factor returns for a two hour block on Wednesday night.  The show will see a number of changes including new hosts and new judges (perhaps even Britney Spears) to help goose ratings.

9:30 pm – When The X Factor shrinks down to 90 min as the fall season progresses, personal favorite Raising Hope returns to the airwaves to make sure that America misses not a second of the Chance family.


8 pm – The second night of X Factor kicks of the evening no doubt with the results show.

9 pm – And leads into Untitled Karen Usher Project about drama about the orphaned 14-year-old daughter of a CIA agent who is recruited to become an operative herself.


8 pm – The Gordon Ramsey hour continues on Friday as some combination of Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares occupies the first hour of the night no doubt all season long.

9 pm – Fringe returns for a final thirteen episode season.  It will be interesting to see what FOX does on Friday after the demise of Fringe.  It would not surprise me to see The Finder picked up for a shortened second season to hold court on Friday night in the spring.


On Saturday FOX finally throws in the towel on Cops, granting it a final shortened season that will not likely see the light of day until 2013.  FOX has instead elected to follow the lead of ABC and turn the night over to live sports programming consisting of college football, NASCAR, baseball, and UFC.


Animation Domination returns with FOX renewing all of its current animated comedies (The SimpsonsBob’s BurgersFamily GuyAmerican Dad, Napoleon Dynamite, and The Cleveland Show) but with no new animated comedies on the near horizon it would not surprise me to see FOX attempt to reintroduce live action comedy on Sunday night at some point this spring.

For midseason look for two more comedy pickups (likely Ned Fox Is My Manny and Rebounding), spring holdover Touch, and the red hot Untitled Kevin Williamson Project.

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