Pop Culture Throwdown: Poufy Dog

It's Only Bullets Pop Culture ThrowdownWe’re going to take a different route today and instead of pitting two different things against each other, we’re going to give you one thing, draw a line in the sand, and let you take sides as you will.

Exhibit A: Malachy, the winner of Best in Show from this year’s Westminster Dog Show

Malachy Pekingese Westminster Dog Show 2012Now, I don’t know a lot about dogs, but I really don’t understand the dog shows.  Admittedly, I love watching them because I like to see them all trotting around so happy and watching the dowdy handlers walk them around all prim and proper and hoping the dog doesn’t get too happy and fuck up its chances to win a top prize.  (Totally heard the announcers tut-tutting about this one year: “Oh, now see, that dog is too happy,” because, you know, it was walking in an overly upbeat manner.)

But one thing I’ve always understood about dog shows is that the ugly/weird dogs always seem to win.  I happen to own a dog who falls into the hound category (woo dachshunds!), and what the hell, DACHSHUNDS NEVER WIN!  You know who always wins?  Poodles.  Ugly poodles.  And apparently Pekingese, which I was surprised to learn this morning has a “g” in it – so it’s pee-king-ease, or are we still going with pee-kin-knees?

Anyway, that dog… best in show?  What say you – yay or nay?


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