Not even the most interesting commercial on TV


You’ve all seen the commercials. You know the ones – the rip offs of the Chuck Norris jokes. I realize that maybe I’m taking this too seriously, but come on. This guy fully admits that he “doesn’t always drink beer.” Well then why the hell would I consider taking beer advice from you? Someone who doesn’t drink beer very often is likely to point me in the direction of Heineken or Budweiser and who in their right mind drinks that swill anymore? I used to drink Heineken. In high school. Maybe that’s Dos Equis’ target demographic.

Also, “If he were to pat you on the back, you would list it on your resume.” I work in HR, folks. I can tell you with all certainty that this would count for nothing.


About kimerly

I'm from the "garden" part of the Garden State. I've never even seen Jersey Shore and I've only been down there once, but at least I know to say "DOWN the shore." I went to college in Wisconsin because why the hell not? I currently reside in Boston mostly because we have the most awesome professional sports teams anywhere. And if you disagree, we should probably step outside. I've been known to waste a day watching marathons of Law and Order: SVU, Chopped, Arrested Development, and Blue Planet (the ocean RULES!). Also, don't give me swedish fish because I'm likely to finish your whole bag.
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3 Responses to Not even the most interesting commercial on TV

  1. While I LOLed at your HR knockdown, I have to admit that the “I don’t always drink beer” is what sells me on it. It’s like, “I don’t even LIKE beer, and I like this stuff.”

  2. kimerly says:

    So you don’t like beer, but you’ll drink this. Which just tells me that Dos Equis doesn’t even taste like real beer. So it IS like Heineken!

  3. littlechick says:

    I agree with Kim… I don’t really drink beer, but when I do, it’s usually whatever’s around (so usually Bud Light)… would you take beer advice from me???

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