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Pop Culture Throwdown: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

So we skipped last week’s PCT because we were busy protesting SOPA being lazy.  (Although we should protest SOPA because, hello, we swipe images off the Internet ALL THE TIME ’round these parts.) Anyway, this PCT is for all you … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Women: Silly divorcee, drills are for men!

This woman constantly bashes her ex on Facebook, even hinting at domestic violence in one really amazing passive-aggressive post disguised as a cathartic soul cleaning.  And yet for some reason, her ex doesn’t want to help her out with getting … Continue reading

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What to Watch: Beauty and the Beast

There are many things you could do this weekend, and lots and lots of things you could watch (hello, NFL Divisional Weekend!!), but I would like to suggest you get your butt to a movie theater and take in a … Continue reading

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Not even the most interesting commercial on TV

  You’ve all seen the commercials. You know the ones – the rip offs of the Chuck Norris jokes. I realize that maybe I’m taking this too seriously, but come on. This guy fully admits that he “doesn’t always drink … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Throwdown: David Wenham, Lord of the 300

Quick show of hands — who here knows who David Wenham is, by name only?  Anyone?  (Congrats if you do, we should totally be friends.) ANYHOW, here he is.  Ringing any bells yet?

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He’s Back – The Oscar Trailer with Billy Crystal

The 2012 Academy Awards take a page out of the nostalgia playbook by welcoming back one of their most popular hosts…Billy Crystal.

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Enter 2012 with an Old Favorite: McKellan Geek-Off

We’ve been a little negligent around these parts, but rather than pull an everyone in the world — that is, make a bunch of blog-related promises that we know we’ll never keep — we’ll just ease into 2012 easily, and … Continue reading

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