Fridays with Darren, Part I

Darren Rovell car racing

From Darren's Twitter

Do you know Darren Rovell?  He’s the sports business guy for CNBC.  I follow him on Twitter and I have a real love/hate relationship with him – he posts some really interesting stuff, especially if you’re interested in the business of sports, but he does some things that drive me nuts.  Every week (or every week that we feel like it), we’ll be doing a round-up of our favorite Darren Rovellisms of the past week.

1.  Darren loves hyperboles.  They are the BEST. thing. EVER.


Twitter is the ULTIMATE sports watching companion, apparently

2.  Darren is a click whore.  (And he basically admitted that.)

No, don't tell us anything about the ad, thanks.

Because giving us ANY hint as to what you shouldn't dress like would be too easy

#3.  Random stupid thought from Darren.

Right, Darren, I forgot - what else would you possibly be watching on a Thursday night? (Especially if you're not a hardcore baseball fan.)

#4.  Actual (relatively) interesting fact.

Always reporting on the important stuff.

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