Stampede, Indeed

Times-Pacayune Colts Saints Headline 62 7

Our coverage of sports here pales in comparison to other aspects of pop culture, but how much are you enjoying the horrific — but admittedly, delicious — collapse of the Indianapolis Colts?  Who knew what kind of football atrocities Peyton Manning has been covering up all these years?

Peter King — the King of New England homerism — asserts that Peyton Manning should not be the league’s MVP, but why not?  If there was ever a player who has proved his value to his team (and hey, Peter, in case you missed it, Manning isn’t on IR), it’s Manning.

But all soapboxing aside, having watched the Colts’ slow, torturous implosion in person (vs. Steelers, at Saints — and future vs. Falcons, at Patriots, and at Ravens), I have to admit this has been one of the most enjoyable seasons I’ve watched in long time.  Colts fans can enter each game with the lowest of expectations, and while Curtis Painter still finds a way to fall short of even those, without all the pressure of making the playoffs or beating our rivals (or anyone, really), it’s kind of a fun way to watch the game.

I’ll leave you with my favorite moment from Sunday’s epic football fail.

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