Pop Culture Throwdown: Comic Gods

It's Only Bullets Pop Culture Throwdown

With the illustriously geeky Comic-Con wrapping up in San Diego this past weekend (and Captain America‘s claiming of the #1 box office spot this past weekend), it only seems fitting to pit the comic world’s two publishing giants against each other for this week’s throwdown.

In one corner, we have DC Comics: owner of Superman and Batman.  They also own Green Lantern, and less enthusiastically own Wonder Woman and Robin.  With the exception of the Christopher Nolan-helmed Batman reboot, they’ve been falling a little short at the box office lately.  Team Justice League!

DC Comics

DC Comics




In the other corner, we have Marvel Comics: owner of Spider-Man and the X-Men.  They also own such heavyweights as the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America (also known as “The Superhero Box Office For the Past Nine Years”).  Team Avengers!

As always, the voting criteria is your own.

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