What I Watch: Suits

USA Suits

Admittedly, I do not watch as much TV as my esteemed counterparts, but USA managed to hook me on their new show, Suits, before it even aired.  Between watching countless hours of Law & Order: SVU during their standing 12-hour marathon on Tuesday (I watched half and DVRed the other half to enjoy on Wednesday), I also saw countless previews for Suits.  In a former life, I had aspirations of being a lawyer, and the concept of the show intrigued me (the eye candy helped, too).

If you’re not familiar with Suits, it’s about lazy but brilliant Mike Ross, who has a photography memory who passed the bar, on a dare, without having gone to law school.  He’s hired by Harvey Specter, a top attorney who can wear the hell out of a suit, and all kinds of legal plotlines ensue, including many run-ins with the show’s villain/Harvey’s nemesis, the weaselly Louis Litt.

While the basic premise of the show is, in my opinion, pretty creative, the show itself isn’t exactly groundbreaking.  To be fair, I’ve only seen a couple episodes so far (haven’t been home to see the others that are taking up valuable space on my DVR), but I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes I have seen.  I like watching Mike try to navigate his new world – and I like that even for being so book brilliant, he doesn’t always get everything right.  Harvey’s an interesting character, and they could do a lot with him if they bother with real character development (which you’d think they would, given their little tagline, “Characters Welcome”).

Is the acting Emmy-award winning?  Probably not.  Are some of the plotlines predictable?  Of course.  But all in all, Suits is an enjoyable summer show for just kicking back and enjoying some light TV – my favorite kind.  For now, it has earned a coveted regular series recording spot on my DVR.

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