The Round Up: The X Factor, Teen Wolf, Terra Nova and World Cup Soccer

Different name…same network…still the same old crap.  The X Factor’s world premiere preview showed up during last night’s MLB All-Star Game, and it appears that it left off right where the Simon Cowell of American Idol left off.  Showcasing very little of the actual competition, the preview instead decided to focus on the judges being asses and riding around in sports cars and private jets.  Which can only mean millions of you will tune in.

After the disappointment of Skins MTV has found a scripted series this year that it can throw its weight behind as the net has officially renewed Teen Wolf for a second season of twelve episodes.  Teen Wolf has averaged a 1.5 P12-34 rating totaling nearly 1.7 million viewers per episode.

Looking ahead to the 2011 fall season, the road gets rockier for soon to be freshman Terra Nova which has only received a 13 episode order with no potential for a back nine order, apparently due to its complex production.  The short order for a series debuting in the fall means that in a best case scenario Terra Nova will finish airing its first season in December and not return until September 2012, a long gap for a new series which will require more marketing dollars potentially for a sophomore series.

We don’t talk much about sports on this corner of the internet, but the miraculous comeback win by the United States Women’s National Team last Sunday in the quarterfinals of the World Cup juiced the anemic ratings seen so far by ESPN.  For the quarterfinal against Brazil, ratings more than doubled to a 2.6 (compared to other US matches), and the 3.89 million viewers who tuned in made it the third most-watched Women’s World Cup match ever in the United States.  For those who missed it, you can check out Abby Wambach’s equalizing goal in extra time.

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