5 Questions – Falling Skies – “Silent Kill”

TNT’s Falling Skies is our latest Sunday night obsession (sorry True Blood).  As Tom Mason and the gang continue to roam suburban Boston looking for food, captured kids, and tattered Bill Belichick hooded sweatshirts we bring you are weekly installment of 5 Questions on Falling Skies

Q: Crossbows?!  Hal has a crossbow?

A: Your damn right crossbows.  Who doesn’t love a good crossbow?  I mean guns are so last year in the post apocalyptic future.  Plus that ammo is going to run out at some point right?  Hopefully your local Wal-Mart actually does sell guns, but just in case how about you try a crossbow on for size.  If Cowboys and Aliens can have futuristic laser guns then it’s only right that Falling Skies goes retro and picks up a crossbow or two.

Q: Oh look our possessed but now unharnessed kid isn’t dead after all?

A: Well of course not, who else is going to talk smack for the Skitters if Mike’s son bit the bullet last week.  Of course even as her mopes around the school yard talking about the fact that everyone is going to die his removed harness comes in handy as Hal straps it to his back to pretend that he’s on of the captured as well in order to rescue Ben.

Q: Admittedly Steven Weber deserved his mauling to death by Skitter didn’t he?

A: An inglorious exit for Dr. Harris, of course when you leave a captive alien essentially without a guard at all hours that is what you get isn’t it?  Sadly Steven Weber never got a chance to pay off his evil menace with some actual action rather than threatening our alien friends with whatever that was in his syringe.  Well at least you’ll always have Wings, Steven.  And yes I will try my damnedest to forget all about Stark Raving Mad.  Of course if Moon Bloodgood wants to take a little revenge then I would suggest backing the hell out of her way.  Hardcore Anne Glass.

Q: So the teenagers found a shit ton of drugs, this is going to turn into an after school special isn’t it?

A: I for one don’t believe Dr. Carter hasn’t seen heroin before.  Of course Hal also attests to the fact that he had no idea where the local drug dealer kept his stash.  Unlike Margaret, Hal was apparently too busy playing lacrosse.  What Hal certainly isn’t too busy for is to start a will they won’t they with dear Margaret.  As for the after school special I think we are just episodes away from our “I’m so excited, I’m so excited…I’m so…scared” moment.  Then again maybe Captain Weaver can help since it looks like enjoys a little pill popping from time to time.

Q: So Shaq is joining TNT’s Inside the NBA, I smell crossover?

A: I can just imagine it now, Shaq in full Kazaam costume magically appears to dispatch the aliens and save the day.  Unless of course defeating the Skitters requires Shaq to hit free throws because then we are all screwed.

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