5 Questions – Falling Skies – “Faith”

TNT’s Falling Skies is our latest Sunday night obsession (sorry True Blood).  As Tom Mason and the gang continue to roam suburban Boston looking for food, captured kids, and tattered Bill Belichick hooded sweatshirts we bring you are weekly installment of 5 Questions on Falling Skies

Q: So kids collecting scrap metal was pretty stupid, but zombie kid soldiers? That’s something I can get behind.

A: Exactly.  Nothing like a preteen with a machine gun.  Maybe zombies isn’t the right word, so let’s go with mindless puppets with a Skitter as one of the puppet masters.  Of course I’m sure you’re asking “what the heck do they need children soldiers for?”  I mean they do have giant tin cans with some pretty sweet laser guns on them.  The gang assumes that the aliens are engaging in psychological warfare with the humans unwilling to be able to cut down their own children.

Q: So exactly how do the Skitters control the kids?

A: Well it turns out the Skitters all hold part-time jobs as radio DJs.  Seems like they have the ability to communicate via short distance radio waves.  And we’re not talking walkie talkies here, that radio might just be embedded in their heads.  So expect Falling Skies to squeeze in an awesome song and dance number where all of the harnessed children breakout into a spontaneous rendition of Thriller.  The harness apparently allows the Skitters to communicate with their children captives.

Q: Is there anything those harnesses can’t do?

A: Of course, I mean what fun would it be if we could never understand what the Skitters were saying?  Well problem solved…because our captured Skitter goes all Wolfman Jack by making previously unharnessed Ricky put his harness back on (telepathically through those great radio waves of course) and become the mouthpiece for Skitter Nation.  Of course it was much more creepy in Independence Day when Brent Spiner was tasked with the same duty.

Q: Come back Pope!  He has to come back right?

A: He damn well better come back.  Where else are we supposed to get our Mad Max style humor fix on this show?  Pope: “Unarmed?!  What am I Canadian?”  Oh Pope, we knew you were much too enterprising to let that get in your way which is of course why you clubbed Dai with a muffler so you could steal a bike and blow up some Skitters on your way out of town.

Q: So what’s up next spoiler boy?

A: TNT does a cross over episode with Memphis Beat with Jason Lee guest starring as a Elvis impersonating cop who tries to keep the Skitters at bay in Wellesley with just his rhinestone jumpsuit to keep him safe.

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