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Countdown to the 2012 London Olympics

We just passed the one year to go mark for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, which begin on July 27th of next year.  Over the course of the next twelve months we here at It’s Only Bullets will begin … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Throwdown: Comic Gods

With the illustriously geeky Comic-Con wrapping up in San Diego this past weekend (and Captain America‘s claiming of the #1 box office spot this past weekend), it only seems fitting to pit the comic world’s two publishing giants against each other … Continue reading

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Music Tuesday: Walk Like a Man

I love oldies.  I grew up listening to them all the time – on the oldies station (Oldies 103.3, baby!), on my dad’s collection of 45s, and on my worn-out cassette tape that I used to fanatically record all of … Continue reading

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What I Watch: Suits

Admittedly, I do not watch as much TV as my esteemed counterparts, but USA managed to hook me on their new show, Suits, before it even aired.  Between watching countless hours of Law & Order: SVU during their standing 12-hour marathon … Continue reading

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Music Tuesday: Dead and Gone

I stumbled across this song on the radio a couple of weeks ago, and since it was a Top 40 kind of station, I assumed it was a new song. But I was wrong. As I was informed by some … Continue reading

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The Round Up: The X Factor, Teen Wolf, Terra Nova and World Cup Soccer

Different name…same network…still the same old crap.  The X Factor’s world premiere preview showed up during last night’s MLB All-Star Game, and it appears that it left off right where the Simon Cowell of American Idol left off.  Showcasing very … Continue reading

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5 Questions – Falling Skies – “Silent Kill”

TNT’s Falling Skies is our latest Sunday night obsession (sorry True Blood).  As Tom Mason and the gang continue to roam suburban Boston looking for food, captured kids, and tattered Bill Belichick hooded sweatshirts we bring you are weekly installment of 5 … Continue reading

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