Pop Culture Throwdown: One Space, Two Space

Red Space, Blue Space

Did y’all miss the Pop Culture Throwdown?  Do you feel lost without the important questions in your life, like what is the best flavor of Doritos?  Or which Ian McKellen role gives you the biggest geek boner?  (I typically do not vote in the PCTs, but after sitting through 13 hours of Lord of the Rings geeky goodness, I might have to finally cast my vote for Gandalf.)

For this week’s throwdown, break out your Chicago Manual of Style, AP Stylebook, or MLA Style Manual (your choice, we’re not picky).  Back in the day, when all the fine people were hen-pecking away on typewriters, it was the standard to have two spaces after a period.  This is due to what’s called monospace typespacing, where each letter is the same fixed width.  Two spaces after a period ostensibly provide more white space and a clearer indication of where a new sentence begins.  As typewriters and monospace typsetting have gone by the wayside, more and more people are lazy and only use one space after a period.

I know, I know.  No history lessons.  Let’s cut to the chase.

(Fun fact about me: I was a writer by profession and our publications standard was one space, but I grew up as a two space.  So I used one space for work purposes and two spaces for everything else.  I’m ambi-space-trous.  Cool, I know.)

So, all you typers out there:



Have at it, nitpickers.  (And make sure you read the poll options carefully and vote for the right one.)

This post brought to you by two spaces after every single period.

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