5 Questions – Falling Skies – “Prisoner of War”

TNT’s Falling Skies is our latest Sunday night obsession (sorry True Blood).  As Tom Mason and the gang continue to roam suburban Boston looking for food, captured kids, and tattered Bill Belichick hooded sweatshirts we bring you are weekly installment of 5 Questions on Falling Skies

Q: So what exactly do the aliens need all of these children for anyway?

A: Apparently for collecting scrap metal.  What’s that?  I cant’t hear you over that laughing.  Yes I’ll wait.  No I really don’t think that is all they are using the kids for.  It’s so simple at this point it’s almost creepy isn’t it?  Here’s my theory…those kids are in training.  What kind of training you ask?  Essentially to see how well they follow commands under the influence of the harness they are wearing.  Because if they do a good job following commands I’m going to beat that the next step is into one of the Mechs to be a foot soldier for the Skitters.  And since this is science fiction there seems to be some type of telepathy involved.  Isn’t there always?

Q: First Noah Wyle and now Steven Weber?  The real alien plot is to bring back NBC’s “Must See TV” circa the mid-90s isn’t it?

A: That’s Dr. Steven Weber to you.  Apparently turning in his pilot’s license to pick up a medical degree and a lot of emotional baggage.  Turns out Weber’s Michael Harris might just be partially responsible for the death of Tom’s wife after the aliens invaded.  Harris decided to run away leaving Tom’s wife on her own.  Of course Tom himself who should have been on patrol duty that morning, but instead slept in.

Q: Is it just me or does occupying a school as a base seem to be just a bit too out in the open for you?  I mean if I were the Skitters and I kept losing personnel in the area I would send some troops out to investigate.

A: I must say I completely agree with you there on that one.  Of course being in something as ordinary as a school means that the show gets to save a ton of money by having a standing set on some nice soundstage in Canada.  And if they use that money on the admittedly sweet one-on-one fight between Tom and the Skitter then that’s a-okay in my book.  The duel was the most compelling moment of the episode last night and shows that the producers know how to add action for the right price on a cable budget.  And for those of you who think Pope is not on the up-and-up Tom took Pope’s advice from last week on how to beat a Skitter to good use this week.

Q: Speaking of Pope, he’s now…the cook?

A: From insane killing marauder to “Chef Pope” it’s quite a change for our former villain.  Then again maybe he’s just trying to get that Food Network spinoff that he’s been angling for years now that Alton Brown is closing up shop on Good Eats.  I mean with 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar how can Apocalyptic Eats with John Pope go wrong?

Q: There is really nothing TNT can do to make you watch one more episode of Franklin & Bash is there?

A: Not even if they say “pretty please.”

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