FOX Fall Season Premiere Dates

FOX just announced the season premiere dates for its entire fall schedule today, and surprisingly will not use the Primetime Emmy Awards airing on Monday, September 19th to launch Terra Nova the next night.  Instead, Terra Nova will bow one week later.  Also interesting to note, The X Factor will potentially run for six weeks in the two night a week for two hours a night format, hoping America will not run for the hills.  Of course the World Series will rear its head throughout the month of October as well, gumming up network plans.

Saturday, September 1oth

8:00 PM – Cops (Season Premiere)

8:30 PM – Cops (Encore Premiere)

Tuesday, September 20th

8:00 PM – Glee (Season Premiere)

9:00 PM – New Girl (Series Premiere)

9:30 PM – Raising Hope (Season Premiere)

Wednesday, September 21st

8:00 PM – The X Factor  (2 Hour Series Premiere)

Thursday, September 22nd

8:00 PM – The X Factor  (2 Hour Time Slot Premiere)

Friday, September 23rd

8:00 PM – Kitchen Nightmares (Season Premiere)

9:00 PM – Fringe (Season Premiere)

Sunday, September 25th

8:00 PM – The Simpsons (Season Premiere)

8:30 PM – The Cleveland Show (Season Premiere)

9:00 PM – Family Guy (Season Premiere)

9:30 PM – American Dad (Season Premiere)

Monday, September 26th

8:00 PM – Terra Nova (Series Premiere)

Monday, October 3rd

8:00 PM – Terra Nova (Time Slot Premiere)

9:00 PM – House (Season Premiere)

Saturday, October 26th

8:00 PM – America’s Most Wanted (Quarterly Special Premiere)

Sunday, October 30th

7:30 PM – The Cleveland Show (Time Slot Premiere)

8:30 PM – Allen Gregory (Series Premiere)

Thursday, November 3rd

9:00 PM – Bones (Season Premiere)

Wednesday, November 23rd

9:30 PM – I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Series Premiere)

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