5 Questions – Falling Skies

TNT’s Falling Skies debuted to high ratings and generally good reviews.  Is it going to re-imagine the science fiction genre of television?  Of course not.  But did the first two hours zip by enjoyably?  They sure did.  Much more on Falling Skies later this week, but for now we help you to understand this new series as we go into 5 Questions on Falling Skies

Q: Holy crap is that Dr. Carter from ER?  What the hell has he been up to?

A: You are correct sir, that is in fact Dr. Carter from ER aka Noah Wyle.  And yes we are extremely happy that he has decided to retain his mountain man beard from his latter ER appearances.  And no you really didn’t miss him the last half a dozen or so years because he hasn’t really done anything except for sit back on his yacht and enjoy his never ending holiday.  Unless you really, really like watching TNT because then you saw him in something called The Librarian: Quest for the Spear made for TV movie and the following two sequels where Wyle naturally played a librarian.

Q: So what’s this Falling Skies show about really?

A: Aliens of course, or more specifically aliens (affectionately called Skitters by our human brethren) that have come to kill all of our adults (every brooding teenager’s dream) and enslave our children (not every brooding teenager’s dream).  But to save money (this is cable television we’re talking about here) the show picks up six months after the invasion, after the heavy fighting (and most of the special effects requests) has concluded leaving only small pockets of the resistance left.  And showing how much TNT loved those Librarian movies, this time Wyle is a college american history professor.

Q: Resistance you say?  So who is in charge of this resistance?  Who makes up the resistance?

A: Noah Wyle’s Tom Mason is part of the 2nd Massachusetts resistance force led by the always mildly badass Will Patton as Weaver (you know he’s a badass if he only has one name).  This motley crew of 100 soldiers and 200 civilians is moving out of Boston proper where the Skitters have taken hold thanks to a huge alien mothership parked over the city and the Mechs which actually handle the dirty work for the aliens.  Otherwise the resistance is made up of anybody who can carry and shoot a gun including children which means Tom’s high school aged, lacrosse playing son Hal is his right hand fightin’ man.

Q: Lacrosse?  Jeezus, is lacrosse in every new TV show now?  Which Hollywood producer mogul’s son just started playing lacrosse at his $40,000 a year prep school?

A: So you’ve been watching MTV’s Teen Wolf as well huh?

Q: Anything else I need to know like if Dr. Carter isn’t a doctor who is?  They have to have somebody right?

A: You better believe they do.  Our helpful doctor is none other than the extremely attractive Moon Bloodgood, who is clearly building up her geek quotient here after previously starring in Terminator Salvation and Journeyman.  Did I forget to mention that Tom’s wife was killed by the Skitters?  This can only mean that we are in store for amazing amounts of sexual tension between Wyle and Bloodgood as the series progresses.  But sadly not in a Game of Thrones way, this ain’t HBO.  Maybe some polite hand holding or a chaste kiss here and there.  But we can hope right?

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