Television Oddsmakers: Who Killed Rosie Larsen Week 12

AMC’s The Killing continues to haunt us on Sunday nights.  Over the course of the twelve weeks of the show the question that will be on everybody’s mind is of course “who killed Rosie Larsen?”  Which means it’s time for Television Oddsmakers, your guide to the ever changing odds on who we think is responsible for the death of Rosie Larsen.

And with that we’ve come to the end of the first season of AMC’s The Killing, and what have we learned?  Not a whole lot.  No killer revelation.  Which means where are we left standing?

Darren Richmond – 50:1 – Most of the whole episode follows Linden and Holder trying to scramble to find some hard evidence to pin on Richmond, with the breakthrough coming when Gwen admits that Darren wasn’t with her the entire night of Rosie’s murder.  Circumstantial evidence for sure but the final nail in the coffin for Darren is when photos turn up indicating that he was in fact driving the campaign car that evening on the way back from the casino.  He may be under arrest, but I don’t think Darren is the killer.

Gwen Eaton – 20:1 – Seems like Gwen wasn’t a happy camper with the revelation that Darren was screwing around with a whole bunch of women including Rosie Larsen.  Why else would she have told Detective Linden that not only was Darren not with her that night, but was sopping wet when he came back as well?  So the real question is: did Gwen actually think Darren might have killed Rosie or framed him for the crime.

Stephen Holder – 10:1 – Oh Stephen, I underestimated you.  I should have trusted myself when I first thought that you were involved…because apparently you are (along with an unknown associate).  Those photos of Richmond in the car?  Faked.  Of course it could be a long next season for you since Linden realizes this as well.  Moral of the story…never trust a recovering junky.

Belko Royce – OFF – Did Belko kill Rosie?  Probably not…but he sure is interested in assigning guilt to Darren for ruining his pseudo family.  And by assigning guilt I mean attempting to dispatch Darren Jack Ruby style with a revolver as he is taken away in a squad car.  Was he successful?  We’ll find out next season.

And with that, the sometimes frustrating first season of The Killing is a wrap.  Plot holes galore at times but still fun nonetheless.  Watch for the return of Television Oddsmakers next season.

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