Love Bites – “Keep On Truckin”

NBC’s Love Bites has lived a hard life only three episodes into its abbreviated, one season and done life which no doubt deserves a post of its own one of these days however after two mostly forgettable episodes; last night’s episode was actually quite impressive and showed the potential of the series that will never come to fruition.

Among its three anthology stories, the most impressive was the first, “Goodbye, Boob,” which follows one of Judd’s (Greg Grunbergcoworkers at the tattoo parlor he owns.  The coworker, Dan (Steve Talley), has the wonderful ability to put his foot in his mouth at exactly the wrong time, which means that no one takes him seriously (his ponytail doesn’t help).  Dan’s been obsessing about a girl in Venice Beach named Alex (played wonderfully by Laura Prepon). Dan finds out that Alex is having a party, and he and Judd decide to crash it.  Once they arrive the theme of the party, boobs, throws both for a bit of a loop, but Judd discovers while talking on the phone to his wife that it’s a “goodbye boob” party.  Alex is getting a mastectomy.  Of course Dan discovers this as well but ends up having a heartfelt discussion with Alex.

In the end Dan and Alex end up connecting after her return to her art gallery in a wonderfully written end to the story by Tracy Poust, Jon Kinnally, and David Feeney.  Easy to veer into the trite and maudlin, Love Bites shows heart and sticks the landing.

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