Coming to a Store Near You: Upcoming Blu-ray Releases

As Blu-ray continues to mature as a home video format, more and more catalog Blu-ray titles continue to make their way to your local Best Buy or your favorite shopping website, Amazon.  While some of these titles are still a long ways out, our fine friends over at The Digital Bits have assembled a pretty good list of what is to come over the next year and a half of the most anticipated films…

20th Century Fox/MGM – The Star Wars Saga (9/16), West Side Story (TBA late 2011), Patton (with updated transfer – TBA late 2011), more classic Bond (2012), more Rodgers & Hammerstein (2012), The Abyss (TBA 2012), True Lies (TBA 2012)

Criterion – High and Low (7/26), The Battle of Algiers (8/9), The Killing/Killer’s Kiss (8/16), Orpheus (8/30)

Disney – The Fox and the Hound 1/2: 30th Anniv. (8/9), Dumbo: 70th (9/20), The Lion King (10/4), Lady and the Tramp (2012),Finding Nemo (TBA 2012)

Lionsgate – The Conversation (TBA 2011), MANY more Miramax titles (likely including Pulp FictionKill Bill: The Whole Bloody AffairThe English Patient and more – TBA 2011 & 2012)

Paramount – Breakfast at Tiffany’s (8/25), Titanic (TBA early 2012), The Indiana Jones Trilogy (TBA late 2012)

Sony – Das Boot (7/5), Monty Python and the Holy Grail (TBA 2011), Ishtar (TBA), The Guns of Navarone (TBA 2012), Lawrence of Arabia: 50th Anniv. (2012), The Caine Mutiny (TBA, likely 2012)

Universal – Scarface (9/3), Jurassic Park Trilogy (TBA late 2011), Jaws (2012), The Birds (TBA late 2011), To Kill a Mockingbird(TBA)

Warner – Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Extended Edition (6/28), Citizen Kane: 70th Anniv. UCE (confirmed late 2011), Ben-Hur: 50th Anniv. UCE (confirmed late 2011), The Postman Always Rings Twice (TBA 2011), A Streetcar Named Desire (TBA 2011),Meet Me in St. Louis (TBA 2011), The Right Stuff (2012), Camelot: 45th Anniv. UCE (2012), Casablanca: 70th Anniv. UCE (2012),Singin’ in the Rain: 60th Anniv. UCE (2012), Whatever Happened to Baby Jane: 50th Anniv. UCE (2012), Lethal Weapon 1-4: 25th Anniv. UCE (2012), Lolita: 50th Anniv. SE (2012), Full Metal Jacket: 25th Anniv. SE (2012)

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