The Voice: Final Battles

The Voice on NBC

Last night we finished up the battle rounds which means it’s on to the live shows and the Sweet Sixteen.

Battle 1: Casey Desmond vs. Jeff Jenkins (Adam’s Team)

Here’s the battle we’ve been getting sneak peeks of all week – “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”.  I don’t feel like looking it up, but did we see Casey Desmond?  I feel like we didn’t, and she’s got some serious competition in Jeff, who was one of the judges’ unanimous picks.  I thought Adam and his friend’s advice to Jeff was good – he has such a nice voice already that he doesn’t need so many embellishments, which start to sound a bit overdone.  I was pleasantly surprised by Casey.  Adam was right that Jeff is the clear favorite, but she certainly held her own during a nice performance, and it was nice to see that the choice wasn’t so obvious.  In the end though, Adam did go with Jeff.

Battle 2: Xenia vs. Sara Oromchi (Blake’s Team)

The Pretenders’ megahit, “I’ll Stand By You” got the duet treatment from Blake’s team this week.  I love how every week we see Blake introduce Reba as his “secret weapon”, which at first might make you think that Blake is boring and repetitive until you realize that all these battles were taped in one day.  (And no, I’m still not tired of listening to Reba’s adorable accent.)  I didn’t get a good feel from the preview of their practice, but I was touched when Xenia started crying after Blake told her she was good.  Going into the actual performance, I assumed Sara was going home because we have no idea who she is and they are loving the shy, “No one ever knew I liked to sing before today!” angle Xenia has.  I thought the performance was just so-so and agreed with Adam’s critique.  I am not the biggest fan of Xenia’s unique tone, but I’m not really surprised Blake picked her to go through.


Battle 3: Lily Elise vs. Cherie Oakley (Christina’s Team)

Oh, right – Cherie is the chick who invaded our TV screens with a pimp spot in the NBC promos.  That clip is still annoying, NBC – please stop showing it.  Christina picked Kelly Clarkson’s revenge anthem, “Since U Been Gone”, and Lily Elise made me cringe when she sang during rehearsal, so I was curious about the live performance.  This is such a well-known song that they would really have to nail it, in my opinion.  I didn’t care for the performance at all, and I really didn’t care for Lily Elise (and sorry, Sia, but I thought her high note was a little off.)  Bonus points for Reba bringing on the awwwwwws with her Cherie story.  I would not have picked Lily Elise, but

Battle 4:  Emily Valentine vs. Curtis Grimes (Cee Lo)

So are Emily and Curtis into each other, or is Emily just into Curtis on the down low?  (Not so down low now, I suppose.  And Curtis and his stone cold heart is not givin’ up his dreams for some chick again!)  Cee Lo picked the ubiquitous “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum, and the slated it as the final performance of the battle rounds so they could tease us with the “shocking” ending all week long.  (My pre-performance guess: they kiss?)  I wasn’t super crazy about their performance.  I thought Emily sounded a bit off-key and shaky many times, and I thought Curtis was good, but nothing special.  In the end, Cee Lo picked Curtis, and Emily got a maybe date as a parting gift.

Final Teams

Adam: Casey Weston, Javier Colon, Devon Barley, and Jeff Jenkins

Blake: Patrick Thomas, Jared Blake, Dia Frampton, and Xenia

Christina: Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan, Raquel Castro, and Lily Elise

Cee Lo: Vicci Martinez, Nakia, Tori & Taylor Thompson, and Curtis Grimes

Next week starts the live rounds, and The Voice moves to 9/8C, still on NBC.

The Voice is on Tuesday nights, at 10/9C on NBC.

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