Pop Culture Throwdown: Chicken McNuggets Accoutrements

It's Only Bullets Pop Culture Throwdown

I really should make this week’s Pop Culture Throwdown about X-Men or something equally geeky (it’s only fitting), and that was the plan.  I had so many to pick from – X-Men vs. Brotherhood of Mutants, Marvel vs. DC, Xavier vs. Magneto, Thor vs. X-Men vs. Green Lantern – but instead, yesterday, my world was rocked by a TV ad and I had to put my geek throwdown on hold.  (I had to put my numerous Law & Order throwdowns on hold, too.)

I have long been a major Chicken McNuggets fan.  I was seriously bummed when they got rid of the dark meat nuggets.  What the hell!  People don’t eat Chicken McNuggets for their health, so it was nice of McDonald’s to rip that juicy deliciousness away from us and leave us with only healthy white breast meat.

But I digress.

When I was a kid, I only ate Sweet N Sour sauce – deeeeeelicious.  Then at one point, I converted to Barbeque sauce, and I never looked back.  I don’t even remember the last time I had Sweet N Sour sauce.  As far as I knew, these were the only available sauces, so imagine my surprise yesterday when I see that there are now six different dipping sauces!

Now, in addition to traditional Sweet N Sour and the now Tangy Barbeque, we have Creamy Ranch, Sweet Chili, Spicy Buffalo, and Honey Mustard (all of which I will admit sound delicious).  This is NOT COOL.  Not cool at all, McDonald’s!!  So for today’s throwdown, I’m pitting the two original sauces against each other.


McDonald's Barbeque Sauce


McDonald's Sweet N Sour Sauce

Sweet N Sour


So, fellow McNuggets lovers, let’s have at it!

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