Music Tuesdays: Gives You Hell (All-American Rejects)

I always tend to be careful when deciding on an introductory post for a new series – in this case, Music Tuesdays, where we share some music that we’re liking, loving, listening to on repeat all day long, running to, dancing to, singing along to in the shower (don’t front like you don’t do that too) whatevering to.  People can be pretty picky about the music they like – except for the people who love “everything” (who are only rivaled by people who love “everything but country”) – so as not to alienate you or give you the wrong impression about my taste in music  (although we’re probably already past that given that I’ve already let slip my proclivity for boy bands, real or otherwise), I spent a week grooving to my iPod and figuring which song to post today.

There are always songs that bring me back, and we’ll get to those some other time, I’m sure.  A friend of mine introduced me to this song – “Gives You Hell” by the All-American Rejects – about two and a half years ago and I still love it whenever it pops up on my playlist (bonus points if I forgot it was there).  Something about how it manages to be so bitter and yet so upbeat at the same time really speaks to me.  Plus I think it’s got a fantastic melody and I love the drums.

My favorite parts: the brief bit after the bridge with the guitar- and bass-less chorus the just the kick of the drumbeats (around 2:45), the slight variation in the melody, words, and drumbeats of the final chorus (3:26), and the final two lines (When you hear this song I hope that it will give you hell / You can sing along, I hope that it puts you through hell).

The official video is first, but I’m a bit partial to the second video (although the guy at the end should have quit while he was ahead…and danced in time with the music), which is a much-viewed entry for the All-American Rejects music video contest for this single.

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