Television Oddsmakers: Who Killed Rosie Larsen Week 9

AMC’s “The Killing” continues to haunt us on Sunday nights.  Over the course of the twelve weeks of the show the question that will be on everybody’s mind is of course “who killed Rosie Larsen?”  Which means it’s time for Television Oddsmakers, your guide to the ever changing odds on who we think is responsible for the death of Rosie Larsen.

Darren Richmond – 50:1 – Finally a good week for dear old Darren.  He hits back at Mayor Adams after Bennet Ahmed has been cleared of the crime, vowing to reopen his cherished after school basketball program thanks to the “donation” of Tom Drexler.  Of course things can’t all be roses for Darren as footage of him shaking hands with Rosie surfaces during the episode.

Stephen Holder – 30:1 – The highlight of the week was the interrogation of Belko Royce by Linden and Holder with Stephen showing us what he does best.  Is Holder really still a suspect?  Probably not but just in case Holder really likes to gamble I’m keeping him right here…just where he belongs.

Bennet Ahmed – OFF – Fighting for his life in the hospital, the result of the number done on him by Stan and Belko, I must confess it’s probably unlikely that Bennet is the killer of Rosie Larsen.  Of course that’s exactly what the creators of the show want me to think, isn’t it?  So maybe Bennet isn’t hurt at all and in the final episode he takes his bandages off and waltzes, Keyser Soze style, right out of the hospital.  Or I’m insane…take your pick.

Gwen Eaton and Jamie Wright – 13:1 – Another quiet week for the bumbling duo on the campaign.  So this week they decided to hide the footage of Darren shaking hands with Rosie Larsen.  I get not including it in a commercial but not telling Darren about it?  Seems a little suspicious to me.

Belko Royce – 10:1 – A big week for Belko as we get to see his creepy room back at his mother’s place, pictures of the Larsen’s pinned to the ceiling and still decorated like that of a twelve year old child.  Naturally Belko was at the Larsen’s place when Rosie came home the night of her murder…but he says he didn’t do anything, which Linden believes.  Of course he does reinforce the Adela clue.  I guess its a good thing that Linden is a runner, otherwise we would never be on our way to have some fun at the casino.  Hope Linden brought her rabbit’s foot.

Next week: Will no doubt serial gambler Tom Drexler or just the absolutely bizarre Terry find a spot on the Television Oddsmakers Leaderboard?  Tune in to find out…

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