Chuck – “Chuck vs. The Cliffhanger”: He Knows Kung Fu

The more things change, the more they stay the same. After a last minute reprieve, Charles Bartowski and the gang will return for one last 13 episode season, when the show will attempt to go full circle. In the beginning Chuck was just a guy at the Buy More, slowly wasting away his days until an email from former friend Bryce Larkin just happened to hit his inbox. Enter the Intersect as well as Sarah and Casey to begin the transformation from innocent schmuck to spy. And now we begin again.

In a fourth season finale that saw Chuck save Sarah, lose the Intersect, and quit the CIA along with the rest of the gang, Alexi Volkoff/Hartley Winterbottom left an unexpected gift to tune of $877 million to bankroll their own private spy agency. Cue a pair of sunglasses, nicely left by General Beckman and put on by Morgan Grimes to catapult the comic sidekick into the world of the Intersect.

This of course sets up our final season, Morgan taking the place of Chuck, and Chuck joining the ranks of the professionals. It’s going to be a wild ride.

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