Weekly Box Office & Trailers: A Bridesmaid Bomb, A Double Dose of Jason Bateman, and A Michael Caine Impression

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Programming Note: Starting this week, the weekly box office totals and trailers of note will be posted on Monday.  Movies opening this week will now be posted on Thursdays.

Weekend Box Office (5/13/11)

Thor maintained its top spot this weekend despite dropping by almost 50%, which means a weaker showing at the box office this weekend overall.  The best Bridesmaids could do was $24.4M and second place, but still scored a solid 7.0 on IMDb and an incredulous 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Priest debuted at a disappointing #4 and scored an abysmal 18% on the Tomatometer, behind Fast Five, which has now grossed over $150M.  We’ll see if any of the films opening this week can bump it off the Top 5.

  1. Thor, $34.5M
  2. Bridesmaids, $24.4M (opening weekend)
  3. Fast Five, $19.5M
  4. Priest, $14.5M (opening weekend)
  5. Rio, $8M
  6. Jumping the Broom, $7.3M
  7. Something Borrowed, $7M
  8. Water for Elephants, $4.1M
  9. Madea’s Big Happy Family, $2.2M
  10. Soul Surfer, $1.88M

Trailers (of Note)

My pick of the week goes to Horrible Bosses, the trailer for which we’ve been waiting to drop for awhile.  It features a solid comedic cast, including the always adorable Jason Bateman.  Personally, I’m most excited to see Jennifer Aniston flex her straight comedic, non-romantic, chops.  And Colin Farrell with the horrible combover?  I love it.

Anna Faris and a whole slew of guys star in What’s Your Number, a seemingly charming, if not formulaic romcom (gee, do you think she will end up with Captain America at the end??).  Definitely worth a spot in your Netflix, and bonus points for Sylar and Joel McHale.

I don’t know if The Trip is a documentary, a mockumentary, or whatever it is, but I completely agree with The Washington Post that it (looks) hilarious.  My second pick of the week, it stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

I can’t say no to a movie about fighting robots…or Hugh Jackman, and Real Steel delivers both.  Although if there’s one thing that can make me say no, it’s precocious kid characters who are wise and inspirational beyond their years.  The good news is there’s really no need to spend money on this movie, because you already know everything from the trailer.

Here’s hoping sexy Zoe Saldana in a full-body suit sells, because Colombiana doesn’t impress much with this trailer.

Here’s the trailer for Final Destination 5.  [I’ll post, but won’t comment on, horror/”horror” films, because I can’t watch them.]

Our final trailer this week is The Change-Up, a fairly formulaic-looking body-switch comedy, starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds.  I had high hopes when I read about this movie (I’m not sure why), and it looks funny, but I’m not jumping out of my seat to see it.  Note that the red band trailer is below.  If you want to watch the regular one, you can check it out here.

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