Guessing the CBS 2011 Fall TV Schedule

Here goes nothing as it’s time to jump into the mind of CBS Chief Nancy Tellem and attempt to predict the future and give my best guess on what the Fall 2011 CBS television schedule is going to look like.

Unlike last year when CBS blew up their schedule, this year I expect CBS to have a fairly stable schedule (thanks to being the number one network) so I focus mostly on the changes for CBS for the next television season.


8 pm – How I Met Your Mother and Rules of Engagement

9 pm – Two and a Half Men is of course generating a massive amount of headlines this spring due to the actions of its star Charlie Sheen.  Expect the show to return next season sans Charlie in some type of revamped format and maybe with fewer episodes than a standard order meaning new comedy Two Broke Girls will get a try on Monday night.  Two Broke Girls is about two struggling waitresses at a brooklyn diner who aspire to open their own cupcake shop.  Mike and Molly follows at 9:30 and will likely be hurt by a weakened Two and a Half Men.

10 pm – Hawaii Five-O


8 pm – NCIS

9 pm – NCIS: LA

10 pm – The Good Wife


8 pm – Survivor

9 pm – Criminal Minds

10 pm – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior gets a second season with CBS hoping that it hits its stride.  Otherwise this is a potential spot to try something new at midseason.


8 pm – The weakened but stable Big Bang Theory leads into new comedy How to Be a Gentleman which should be a worthy companion to BBT.  How to Be a Gentleman features an uptight magazine writer who learns the lessons of life with the help of his old high school classmate and stars Dave Foley, Kevin Dillon, and Mary Lynn Rajskub.

9 pm – CSI

10 pm – The Mentalist


8 pm – New drama Rookies finds its way to Friday night.  Rookies stars Adam Goldberg in a drama about six NYPD rookies who balance their personal lives with learning the beat on the streets of Manhattan.

9 pm – Say goodbye to the cancelled CSI: NY and hello to the relocated CSI: Miami which has been struggling on Sunday night.

10 pm – Blue Bloods sees a second season after writing a relatively successful story for itself on Friday night this season.

Saturday is all about crime documentaries and repeats for CBS.


7 pm – 60 Minutes

8 pm – The Amazing Race

9 pm – Undercover Boss

10 pm – JJ Abrams’ Person of Interest gets slotted into the Sunday late spot as the drama about an ex-CIA agent, presumed dead, who is recruited by a crazy billionaire to help fight crime in New York City has gained a lot of buzz around the CBS offices.

For midseason look for dramas Hail Mary (drama about a suburban single mom-turned-private investigator who teams up with her murdered son’s best friend to solve crimes) and the Untitled Susannah Grant Project (an ultra-competitive surgeon whose life is changed forever when his ex-wife dies and begins teaching him what life is all about from the hereafter) as well as one or two more comedies as well.

Note: Yeti has begged off guessing the CBS schedule because he doesn’t watch a damn thing on this network (well, except for HIMYM) and doesn’t know his CSI’s from his Ghost Whisperers.

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