Guessing the ABC 2011 Fall TV Schedule

Here goes nothing as it’s time to jump into the mind of ABC Chief Paul Lee and attempt to predict the future and give my best guess on what the Fall 2011 ABC television schedule is going to look like.


8 pm – ABC Champ Dancing with the Stars continues to take up the first two hours on Monday.  The Bachelor will take this slot at midseason followed by the spring cycle of the dancing show.

10 pm – Old skewing and moderately performing Castle returns to its standard post-DWTS slot as ABC doesn’t try to fix what isn’t broken.


8 pm – ABC has had a lot of problems to start Tuesday night, trying dramas, reality and comedy over the last several years to no effect.  Current occupant No Ordinary Family fails to make it to a second season as the network once again tries comedies to start the night (last attempted in 2007 with Cavemen and Carpoolers) with a transplanted Cougar Town leading into the currently Untitled Tim Allen Comedy.

9 pm – The results show for Dancing with the Stars provides the anchor for Tuesday leading into…

10 pm – The return of Dana Delany’s Body of Proof is the only ABC drama that debuted during the 2010-2011 season to see a second season.


8 pm – The Middle once again leads off Wednesday night while Happy Endings and Mr. Sunshine vie for the slot behind it in an either or proposition unless the current slate of comedy pilots looks thin.  My money is currently on Happy Endings receiving its…well…a happy ending in the story of this season and will return next year.

9 pm – Modern Family provides the support necessary to launch Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt. 23 which will certainly see a title change before being announced next week.  Apt. 23 is about an earnest, honest, optimistic girl from the heartland who is forced to move in with a sexy, unstable new york city party girl who has the morals of a pirate.

10 pm – Another show needing a title change is Good Christian Bitches which will find it’s way onto the ABC schedule.  GCB follows a widowed mother of two who – to get a fresh start – moves back to the affluent dallas neighborhood where she grew up.


8 pm – The reboot of Charlie’s Angels starring Minka Kelly and featuring the voice of Robert Wagner as Charlie.

9 pm – Grey’s Anatomy though down in the ratings stays put to anchor Thursday night along with…

10 pm – Private Practice, the Shonda Rhimes companion to Grey’s also stays at its same timeslot from last season.


8 pm – A shortened final season of Brothers and Sisters moves to Friday to make room on Sunday for a new entrant and to replace the cancelled Supernanny.  Paul Lee is on record in wanting to relaunch TGIF but that will wait one more year.

9 and 10 pm – News magazines rule Friday night as Primetime and 20/20 return.

Saturday is College Football Night with the spring filled with movies, repeats and reality.


7 pm – America’s Funniest Home Videos is back with yet another season of host Tom Bergeron and staged home videos.

8 pm – No reason to think that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition will not be back for yet another season, no matter how unwatchable it might be.

9 pm – Desperate Housewives, albeit fading fast, is still strong for the Alphabet Network on Sunday and will stick around to help launch its potential replacement…

10 pm – Hallelujah which is also from Marc Cherry.  Hallelujah is about a  stranger who arrives to bring peace and justice in a small Tennessee town torn apart by the forces of good and evil. Songs sung by a gospel choir will punctuate each episode.  Jesse L. Martin and Terry O’Quinn have signed on to star.

ABC will likely order a large number of shows for midseason including dramas Poe (Edgar Allen Poe solves mysteries in 19th century Boston, in a procedural drama that shows how some of his most famous stories came to be), Identity (drama procedural set at the Identity Crimes Division, the FBI’s first cyber-crime unit mixed with traditional investigator), and Grace (Eric Roberts leads the cast in this show about a dysfunctional family in the world of professional dance) for when Body of Proof fails.  Comedy Work It will also see a pickup for midseason.

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