Guessing the FOX 2011 Fall TV Schedule

Here goes nothing as it’s time to jump into the mind of FOX Chief Kevin Reilly and attempt to predict the future and give my best guess on what the Fall 2011 FOX television schedule is going to look like.


8 pm – Even after negotiations between FOX and NBCUniversal went down to the deadline, there was no doubt in my mind that come the fall we would once again find House M.D. in the lead off spot on Monday for an eighth season.

9 pm – Current occupant Chicago Code was cancelled yesterday so that enormous gamble Terra Nova can find its way onto the FOX schedule as a male skewing show on an otherwise female centric night on other networks.  Come midseason you’ll find former timeslot occupant Kiefer Sutherland back here with his new series Touch.


8 pm – Glee is back on its same night and same time.  Nothing to see here…time to move on.

9 pm – Raising Hope returns for season two after Glee despite a late first season ratings swoon and will be followed by new comedy Family Album starring Mike O’Malley.


8 pm – Welcome X Factor to the schedule which will no doubt run two hours for a chunk of the fall as Simon Cowell and company attempt to ape the success of American Idol in the autumn.  But when it goes down to one hour there will be plenty of time to debut…

9 pm – Exit Strategy, an action packed spy-thriller about a CIA team that specializes in high-risk rescue extraction operations that save agents who have been compromised starring Ethan Hawke and Tom Sizemore.  Sound a bit in the vein of 24?


8 pm – The second night of X Factor kicks of the evening no doubt with some type of results show.

9 pm – And leads into Bones, the hidden stalwart of the FOX schedule which was renewed last week for a seventh season.


8 pm – Hell’s Kitchen which split time between Wednesday and Friday last season will finish up its summer run during September leading Alcatraz which is a crime drama set at the country’s most infamous prison on Alcatraz Island and involves a team investigating the mysterious disappearance of its 1960s inhabitants in the present.

9 pm – Fringe returns to its new Friday home for a fourth (and if recent ratings are an indication, final) season.  Friday is Fringe’s third home and the critically acclaimed but audience challenged genre show holds down the fort.


8 pm – The 24th season of Cops and repeats inhabit Saturday night’s early timeslot when not preempted by NASCAR and is followed by….

9 pm – Its Saturday night companion, America’s Most Wanted.  FOX continues to be the only broadcast network running original programming on Saturday night.


Animation Domination gets crowded with FOX renewing all of its current animated comedies (The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show) and also tries to find room for newcomers Allen Gregory and Napoleon Dynamite.

For midseason look for two more comedy pickups (likely New Girl and I Hate My Teenage Daughter), potential House M.D. replacement Weekends at Bellevue, and Bones spinoff Finder.

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