Chicago Code – “Black Sox”: On the down low

Last night’s episode of Chicago Code was one largely concerned with secret lives that people lead.  There’s Jarek, planning a wedding with his fiance while still sleeping with his ex.  There’s Vonda’s dad, who fell in love with a victim he saved from a crime and was planning to leave his wife for her at the time he was killed.  And there’s our murderer, living a life as a family man with a wife and kid while also falling in love with a gay man, an emotional conflict that eventually drives him to his dark deed at the center of this week’s case.

By episode’s end, these secret lives have largely been resolved.  Jarke comes clean to Vonda about her dad, comes clean to his fiance about his own feelings, and our killer confesses.  This seems instructive in a way, to the larger arc of the series- that Alderman Gibbon’s secret life will catch up with him sooner or later, as he clearly has no intention of coming clean to anyone.

While it was largely the stories around our character’s relationships that drove this week’s action (including, I might add, making me actually care about Vonda for the first time in weeks), we did get some good Gibbons/Theresa maneuvering , as each one of them sought to influence the commander appointments.  I’m looking forward to seeing how Gibbons’ behavior changes (as he is a man that we have been shown as ruthless when the need arises) now that strongly suspects Theresa is onto him.

Hopefully we find out at FOX’s upfront next week that this show has been renewed, as the combination of character stories and overall serialized arc has really grown on me.

(photo credit, FOX)

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