Tomorrow’s TV Today: Previewing the 2011 Network Upfronts

Television executives all over Los Angeles have been hunkered down in screening rooms the past weeks hoping to to find lightning in a bottle, watching dozens of television pilots as they prepare to unveil their 2011 fall schedules next week at the network upfronts.

It has been a difficult year for the big four broadcast networks whose new shows last fall were eviscerated by critics and kicked to the curb by audiences, explaining the notable ratings erosion this season.  According to Nielsen NBC was hurt the worst, with double-digit declines in all major ratings categories.  But each of the networks has work to do and in the case of NBC and ABC, new people in place to do it with the hiring of Bob Greenblatt and Paul Lee respectively to take over programming at those two networks.

Throughout next week the five main broadcast networks will take their turns to present there fall schedules to advertisers.  On Monday, May 16th both NBC and FOX start the week with ABC on Tuesday, CBS on Wednesday, and the CW on Thursday.  We will have coverage off all of the major network upfront announcements next week but this week we will be having a bit of fun with our guess on what actually might show up on your television screen come next fall.  Tomorrow, NBC goes first.

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