Television Oddsmakers: Who Killed Rosie Larsen Week 6

AMC’s “The Killing” continues to haunt us on Sunday nights.  Over the course of the twelve weeks of the show the question that will be on everybody’s mind is of course “who killed Rosie Larsen?”  Which means it’s time for Television Oddsmakers, your guide to the ever changing odds on who we think is responsible for the death of Rosie Larsen.

Darren Richmond – 75:1 – While Darren continues to be our white knight of virtue unwilling to sentence Bennet Ahmed to a potentially premature character assassination, his morals apparently do not extend to his office desk on which he decided to have a little playtime with main squeeze Gwen.  Only to be interrupted of course by a well placed Mayor Adams commercial.  Turns out that Darren’s wife did not have a particularly mysterious demise, losing her life to a drunk driver who is currently up for parole.  It was a bad week for Darren though as his Seattle All-Stars program bit the bullet and lost funding because of old Bennet.  Still no real motive or a real ability to dispatch our poor Rosie so Darren remains way down our Television Oddsmakers Leaderboard.

Stephen Holder – 30:1 – See, Holder’s just a career man.  First the suit last week and now his incredulity of seeing that Linden has once again missed her flight and is still in Seattle, just trying to keep our man Holder down by not turning over the investigation.  And potentially tying to mess up Holder’s FBI side gig?  We’ve always known that Holder has something else going on the side and our fearless duo finally got to meet the feds after their short excursion into an apparently empty but still creepy white room filled with meat hooks and freezers after following up on a tip they received hunting down the elusive Mohammed (more on him later) at the local mosque.  Still no search warrant for the our crime fighting duo to get into the Bennet household…seems like a bunch of barriers being thrown up by our wonderful police chief. BONUS HINT – wasn’t that the same meatpacking business visited by Stan and Belko in the first episode for a moving gig?

Amber Ahmed – OFF – A short lived week on the Television Oddsmakers Leaderboard for Amber as that pregnancy of her’s makes it difficult to lift things including heavy dead bodies.  But not to fear because she still doesn’t fully trust her husband and the company that he keeps so she tips of Linden and Holder to our mystery friend Mohammed who has been studying the Koran with…

Bennet Ahmed – 15:1 – Who after his little excursion with Stan is just a bit shaken up but still of right mind to interrupt our impromptu session between his wife and Linden to rally up the lawyers and make his wife stop snitching.  I still have to believe that Bennet knows a whole heck of a lot more than he is telling us.  He’s been extremely central to the case so far and because of his political ties from the Seattle All-Stars, I find it hard to believe that he doesn’t know…

Gwen Eaton and Jamie Wright – 13:1 – A bit of a quiet week for Gwen unless you’re counting her little tryst with Darren in the office.  Same goes for Jamie.  Both spent most of their day trying to find Darren to inform him about the soon to be defunded Seattle All-Stars program while he was off chatting up his dead wife’s mother.  Something’s still not right with these two and we still have the campaign car at the center of the story.  It just seems a little too convenient that it was reported missing.  Of course you would report it missing if you had plans for it.

Belko Royce – 7:1 – Oh now you’ve done it Belko.  You’ve pissed of Mitch (who I affectionately call Mitchy the Kid) who seems to suspect (just as I do) that something ain’t right with old Belko.  Always around but seemingly lingering in the background.  Belko is directly responsible for Stan going after Bennet, due to a tip he received from somebody inside the school.  However it seems like that tipster might just be Belko himself.

Next week: Will the shadowy Mohammed  make an appearance and find a spot on the Television Oddsmakers Leaderboard?  Tune in to find out…

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