Weekly Box Office: Fast Cars and Summer Blockbusters

Chicago Theater Marquee

This weekend marks the arrival of one of the best times of the year – Summer Blockbuster Season – so what better way to kick off our latest series than by taking a (pretend) trip to the movies?

Truthfully, I rarely go to the movies.  But I like to think I know what’s going on because I spend a lot of time browsing IMDb and reading “Entertainment Weekly”.  Why don’t I go to the movies?  Mostly because I can’t bring myself to pay $10 or $12 to sit in a theater with a bunch of annoying kids (trust, I always end up near the annoying kids.  Even if I’m seeing The Human Centipede, those damn kids are there, eating their popcorn, rustling their wrappers, and not shutting the fuck up).

But in the summer, I will gladly hand over my money to watch the action-packed, high-octane films that are the summer blockbusters.

Weekend Box Office (4/29/11)

Is it any surprise that Fast Five dominated the box office this past weekend?  It opened at $83.6M, proving that the franchise has still got it.

  1. Fast Five, $83.6M (opening weekend)
  2. Rio, $14.4M, with an overall gross of $104M so far
  3. Madea’s Big Happy Family, $10.1M
  4. Water for Elephants, $9.1M, with an overall gross of $32.3M
  5. Prom, $5M (opening weekend)
  6. Hoodwinked Too? Hood VS Evil, $4.14M (opening weekend)
  7. Soul Surfer, $3.3M
  8. Insiduous, $2.69M [so scary I couldn’t even watch the trailer]
  9. Hop, $2.56M, with an overall gross of $105M so far
  10. Source Code, $2.53M

Dropped Trailers (of Note)

New trailers for X-Men: First Class, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 all dropped last week.

The X-Men: First Class trailer delves a bit deeper in the Professor Xavier/Magneto relationship, and showcases the new X-Men a bit more.  I’m excited to see Nicholas Hoult, whom you may remember as Marcus from About a Boy.  Thankfully, they’re keeping January Jones out of most of the promotional material.

I’m biased about anything Transformers-related, especially the film franchise, so I’ll just leave you with the trailer and your own thoughts.  My own thoughts: I already hate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her engorged lips.

I was lukewarm on Hp5 and HP6, but I enjoyed HP7 Part 1 very much, so hopefully they’ll close out the series with a bang.  Sidenote: HP trailers are always so well cut.  If you’re an HP fan, it’s time to get excited.  Plus, Harry calls him “Tom”.

Other trailers that dropped:

I can usually get on board with any classic mythology film, but holy Zeus, The Immortals looks awful.

The Devil’s Double doesn’t fall into my normal bucket of movies I’d watch, but it looks pretty interesting.  I won’t spend money to see it in the theatre, but the trailer is decent enough to make me add it to my Netflix queue.

Opening This Week(end)

This weekend we’ve got some much anticipated films opening, the two biggest being Thor and Something Borrowed.

Thor is Marvel’s latest offering.  The half-Swedish part of me is all excited, because I love Thor.  He’s quite a badass.  But the non-Swedish half of me doesn’t care at all, and thinks the most exciting part of this movie is Anthony Hopkins.

Maybe it’s because I’m not into guys with long hair, but I’m just not feeling this movie.  I don’t think the trailers have been cut all that well, and I really don’t want to see another attempt at “acting” by Natalie Portman.

Something Borrowed

I’ve wanted to see Something Borrowed since I first heard that it had been picked up by a studio.  I loved the book by Emily Giffin, and can only hope that the film does it justice (it’s one of the stronger chick lit books I’ve read).

I’m not quite sold on the casting, although Kate Hudson does play vapid and self-absorbed fairly well.  I won’t be spending money on this, but will definitely check it out on DVD.

Other notables out this week:

  • The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster and starring Mel Gibson and a hand puppet beaver.  I’ve seen very little promotion for this film, and it’s opening in limited release, so I’m curious to see how it will do (prediction: not well).
  • Last Night – This one’s on my list to see (post-theatre).  Starring Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington as a couple spending the night apart – he with a co-worker he may or may not be interested in and she with an ex-love.  The trailer and details on this one were few and far between, but the premise sounds interesting.
  • Jumping the Broom – Yawn.  Another formulaic, pandering comedy by Tyler Perry in the style of Tyler Perry.  I’ll pass.
  • Passion Play – Stars Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray as a trumpet player and a gangster, respectively, tussling over things, namely Megan Fox as an angel.  Yes, it looks as bad as it sounds.
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One Response to Weekly Box Office: Fast Cars and Summer Blockbusters

  1. runyetirun says:

    Speaking as someone that contributed one ticket’s worth of that $83 million open for Fast Five… summer is off to a great start. Vin Diesel and The Rock beating the everliving shit out of one another with their fists is exactly as awesome as you’d imagine it to be.

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