Television Oddsmakers: Who Killed Rosie Larsen Week 5

AMC’s “The Killing” continues to haunt us on Sunday nights.  Over the course of the twelve weeks of the show the question that will be on everybody’s mind is of course “who killed Rosie Larsen?”  Which means it’s time for Television Oddsmakers, your guide to the ever changing odds on who we think is responsible for the death of Rosie Larsen.

Darren Richmond – 50:1 – Darren seems to be a man of two halves.  He’s certainly conniving (I mean he is a politician of course) clearly demonstrated by planting Jamie in Mayor Adams’ campaign but he’s also idealistic which can come across as naive.  Four different people warned Darren to denounce his connection with Bennet Ahmed: Principal Meyers, Jamie, Gwen, and even Papa Gwen, Senator Eaton, himself.  At the moment of truth during the debate Darren goes all in, pointing to the Seattle All-Stars program as a shining example of his anti-gang and crime campaign.  The resulting beat down by Mayor Adams is predictable.  Richmond can barely run a campaign, let alone kill and cover up a murder of Rosie Larson and even if he did probably would not have shown up at the funeral bearing flowers.

Stephen Holder – 30:1 – Continuing our theme of duality is my favorite wild card, Holder, who described his dueling personalities to a cryptic bald man in the car who appears to part mentor to dear Stephen but unfortunately has no fashion advice for our veiled co-detective who took the advice of his coworkers and showed up in a horrific suit at work before reverting to his personal security blanket, his hoodie.  However a less sinister Holder this week moves him down the Television Oddsmakers board because we need the room for…

Amber Ahmed – 20:1 – Perhaps Bennet’s wife isn’t the innocent pregnant girl, she certainly knows how to hold a hammer while hiding in the corner of the room.  Seems that things might not be so good between Amber and Ahmed according to her in-laws.  And it’s becoming clear that Amber and Rosie might have shared some alone time together on Friday night with witness pegging Rosie’s arrival to the Ahmed’s at 10 pm while Bennet lingered at the school dance until at least 11:20.  And our crazy spying neighbor reports seeing something wrapped in a blanket just after midnight and fingers Bennet and a slight woman among others present putting that alleged person into the trunk of a car.  Then again he is crazy.

Bennet Ahmed – 15:1 – But of course if Amber is a suspect her husband cannot be far behind.  The vice seems to be tightening around old Bennet and his trip to the Larsen funeral seems to have suddenly put his life in danger with Bennet stuck in the car with Stan who thinks that Bennet killed his daughter.  Whether Bennett killed Rosie or not he remains the key connection to the political side of the show meaning Bennet is in for the long haul.  And if that was him in the back yard with his wife dumping something into the trunk of a car, I doubt it was hardwood floor refinishing materials.

Gwen Eaton – 12:1 – Hmm, let me think of other people who are of slight build, oh that’s right hello Gwen.  Admittedly it was a bit of an off week for old Gwen, who apparently didn’t even run to daddy to tell on her big bad Councilman boyfriend (more on that later).  She was left stinging this week though as Darren clearly doesn’t trust dear Gwen.  Of course he does trust her enough to whisper sweet nothings to her as they lie in bed.  Daddy Eaton does show up this week but only because…

Jamie Wright – 10:1 – Jamie gave Senator Eaton a ring to try and knock some sense back into Darren.  Jamie even lays it out as succinctly as anyone has in this show, reminding Darren that who he is can be summed up in five simple words, “dead girl in a trunk.”  Frankly I’ve been a bit disappointed in both Jamie and Gwen in recent weeks unless this is just the most complex way they could have ever dreamed up of getting rid of their boss and somehow not damaging themselves in the process.  Next week, we’re taking out the ax at Television Oddsmakers and moving Tweedledee and Tweedledum down the Leaderboard.  I have a feeling we are going to need the room.

Belko Royce – 7:1 – Why is Stan currently driving in a truck alone with Bennet into the abyss?  Why because Belko told him too.  Not directly of course but if Belko is responsible then he’s an expert at deflection and has managed to stay under the radar almost halfway through the season.  Looking for motive for old Belko?  He just might be the black sheep of the family if that’s even possible for someone who isn’t actually a member of the family as he is so bluntly reminded by Terry, Mitch’s sister.

Next week: Will Mireille Enos have to rob a bank to pay off the million dollar bet with her son and earn Linden a spot on the Television Oddsmakers Leaderboard?  Tune in to find out…

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One Response to Television Oddsmakers: Who Killed Rosie Larsen Week 5

  1. littlechick says:

    Chrissy Seaver did it!!

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