Community – “Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts”: Baby Greendale

The last time Community did a bottle episode they made sure to point out that’s what they were doing.  This time it went unremarked upon, yet bottle episode it was.

Not a whole lot to say about this particular episode.  Community can do no wrong in my book, but this was an episode that I didn’t find quite as brilliant or funny as some more recent outings.

I found the Dean as weird and funny as usual, but that’s a card the writers are getting close to overplaying, having featured him prominently the past couple weeks.  Still, “race kerfuffle” (I’m pretty sure that’s how Jesse Helms described the Civil Rights movement on more than one occasion) was easily my favorite line of the episode, and that went to him.

Britta’s character got the chance to do a little bit of evolving, as Jeff helped her actually follow through on something she believes (after frequently being portrayed as believing in things she wasn’t actually required to take a stand on).  Her enthusiasm in helping Shirley give birth was definitely played for laughs, but we’ve seen in the past how the desire to help people is a core trait for Britta.

Chang’s stories about the various ways his kin have been born just got funnier and funnier for me (a pickle barrel!).  The writers have done a good job of bringing that character back from the edge.  For a long time he was either too weird or too psychotic, but now he’s just the right blend of weird and lovable, and I get (kind of) why the group would tolerate him hanging around.

After a week of seemingly bringing him back into the group, Pierce was once again screwing with people for no reason other than to screw with them.  I’m past trying to figure out what his deal is, and I’ll just take the times that they actually let Chevy Chase do something funny.

(photo credit, NBC)

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