Whither Chuck Bartowski? Is time up for NBC’s Chuck?

NBC’s Chuck has never had an easy life.  Perennially low rated and always causing fans to gnash their teeth come the end of the season, hoping for renewal, it seems that this season the reaper has finally come for Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, Casey, and the gang at the Buy More.

In retrospect the writer’s strike of 2007-2008 which cost Chuck the final ten episodes of the season could be seen as an omen for the hard life that was to come.  The strike led to the ultimate cancellation of numerous new shows that season, particularly on NBC, where Chuck was one of the few albeit weakened survivors.  For the survivors, the lack of a back half of a season made it increasingly difficult to develop a solid following for the show.

If not for a fan and television critic led effort to renew the show for its third season (ostensibly by convincing Subway to enter into a creative sponsorship deal with the show) Chuck would have departed after its second season.  After a third season that followed the 24 model of television with the show not debuting until January, Chuck had the only relatively easy pickup for this season.

But now in its fourth season Chuck’s ratings have sunk to new lows, even by NBC standards bringing doubts about a potential fifth season for the show.  However with so many holes in NBC’s lineup to fill for next fall, never say never for one last go around for Chuck Bartowski.  Ultimately the NBC upfront in May where the schedules for next season are announced will be the final declaration on the future of Chuck.

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