Raising Hope – “Cheaters”: Love is in the Air

I’ve enjoyed the first season of Raising Hope, the heart warming comedy on FOX from Greg Garcia.  Raising Hope typically relies on the strength of its cast, in particularly Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton as family patriarch and matriarch Burt and Virginia, to guide the show through absurd plot lines.  Last night’s episode, Cheaters, however brings some strong character development for Lucas Neff’s Jimmy.

Jimmy has been quietly waiting on the sidelines for crush Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) to finally see himself as more than just a friend all the while fending off Burt’s ever increasing efforts to pawn his son off to someone else, hilariously relaying Jimmy’s romantic history (or lack thereof) to Zoe (Kaitlyn Black) who is busy flirting with Jimmy.  However Jimmy has zero interest in Zoe, still pining after Sabrina and only Sabrina.  The problem of course is that Sabrina has a boyfriend, Wyatt (Ryan Doom).  Wyatt is a busy fellow, stuck at college hosting a fraternity party, so Sabrina decides to surprise him only to find her boyfriend cheating on her.  The best visual of the half hour finds Jimmy in the background taking delight in seeing Sabrina’s boyfriend cheating on her while Sabrina’s eyes well up in the foreground.  Even with the maturation of Jimmy since Hope has arrived on the scene, he has a long way to go.

Of course the only reason Wyatt cheated on Sabrina was that she told him that she accidentally kissed Jimmy way back at Halloween when she was drunk.  Sabrina and Wyatt reconcile (naturally right in front of Jimmy), which pushes Jimmy to try out that date with Zoe.

But it’s not just Jimmy and Sabrina dealing with cheating this episode, Maw Maw (Cloris Leachman) also gets into the act when she meets Mel (Jerry Van Dyke) at the adult day care.  Ordinarily I don’t care for Maw Maw’s story lines however it was quite apparent that Leachman and Van Dyke have great chemistry and I hope he returns to continue the relationship (fractured as it may be after Mel decides to shack up with someone else) in a future episode.

Of course the line of the episode goes to Burt with “Plan!?  I don’t have a plan!”  We know Burt, we know.

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2 Responses to Raising Hope – “Cheaters”: Love is in the Air

  1. runyetirun says:

    Part of me wishes the censors would have let them stick with original show title “Keep Hope Alive”

    If we can’t laugh at the implication that sitcom characters will inadvertently kill an infant, what can we laugh at?

  2. thecommish says:

    Hope has been increasingly marginalized in the show. The babies that play Hope should fire their agents.

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