Television Oddsmakers: Who Killed Rosie Larsen Week 3

AMC’s “The Killing” continues to haunt us on Sunday nights.  Over the course of the twelve weeks of the show the question that will be on everybody’s mind is of course “who killed Rosie Larsen?”  Which means it’s time for Television Oddsmakers, your guide to the ever changing odds on who we think is responsible for the death of Rosie Larsen.

Michael Ames – OFF – Daddy Ames was apparently so busy with work that he couldn’t be bothered with attending son Jasper’s meet and greet with the Seattle PD and dispatched his lackey lawyer instead.  Oh Michael, I’m so disappointed in you; you were such a promising suspect.  Of course if he’s not willing to play the role of rich bad guy then Senator Eaton, played by the always evil Alan Dale, is no doubt willing to pick up the mantle.

Darren Richmond – 50:1 – Frankly the odds are still a little too kind to Councilmen Richmond if not for that little problem of Rosie stopping by the after-school basketball program, a program championed by Richmond at the youth center.  However Richmond has everything to lose and nothing to be gained from being involved in the murder which is why he remains 50:1.  And if I can open the curtains of television for a moment, the mayoral election at the beginning of the series was 26 or so days away (i.e. 26 episodes away).  With the first season of “The Killing” only 13 episodes/days long, there is almost no chance of us losing our candidate for mayor so soon.  Almost.

 Jasper Ames and Kris Echols – 40:1 – Bunching the boys together this week as they clearly like to share things, including Sterling, who was the featured performer in the post-dance video and not Rosie.  Again, I find it hard to believe that the bumbling duo could actually pull off a murder like the one we have stumbled upon making this the likely last week on the Television Oddsmakers Leaderboard for Jasper and Kris…or at least until the next new piece of evidence comes in.

Stephen Holder – 21:1 – Another week and another new intriguing piece of background on our fellow detective.  Holder was called out by Kris in the interrogation room for also being hooked on less-than-legal, potentially mind-altering substances.  Who exactly were the friends that Holder kept company with back in his narc days?  Still a long shot, but still my best hope for a “Usual Suspects” style reveal where Linden finally figures the whole case out just by staring into the rainy Seattle abyss just a moment too late as Holder takes off his hoodie, pops a real joint into his mouth, and jumps into a Richmond campaign car.

Jamie Wright – 20:1 – Oh Jamie, what tricks do you and Councilman Richmond have up your collective sleeves now.  Unbeknownst to fellow campaign advisor Gwen, you and Darren have gone behind her back and gotten you planted as a mole in Mayor Adams’ campaign.  Now that’s the Jamie I know and love.  Jamie slips in the ratings this week due to once again a lack of a motive and the now less mysterious circumstances of his “departure” from the Richmond campaign.  Of course the lingering query to Richmond, “how did you know it wasn’t me” who leaked the endorsement, could just be a sly eye wink at the audience to setup the fact that it was Jamie after all.

Bennet Ahmed – 10:1 – Bennet did a bad, bad thing.  Sure he’s a young teacher, but writing little notes to a teenage student is never a good idea.  While his exact relationship with Rosie is still to be determined, Rosie’s abandonment of her friends for Bennet leads me to believe the relationship to likely be one of a sexual nature.  But did it turn violent, after one of their romantic evenings at the youth center?  Or perhaps did she see something that she shouldn’t have?  Maybe something criminal in an organized fashion?…

Belko Royce – 8:1 – It turns out that Stan has an interestingly checkered past, with ties to the mob along with the requite violent activity and that goes for his right hand man as well, Belko Royce.  Seems that Stan and Belko used to rough up some folks back in the day and Belko volunteers to get back into the game one more time to “take care” of Darren Richmond.  Like an uncle to Rosie and the other Larsen children, is Belko still wrapped up with the mob?  They say that most victims know their attacker, and right now “Uncle” Belko shoots to neat the top of the Television Oddsmakers Leaderboard in his first week.

Gwen Eaton – 5:1 – As the Larsen murder case continues to be intertwined with the Richmond campaign (first the car and now the youth center) who is the most likely suspect on the campaign?  Why Gwen of course.  Add to the facts that her father is Senator Eaton, and the walls start to close in just a bit.  If Rosie saw something that she shouldn’t have seen, I can believe that Gwen took matters into her own hands, even if she had to procure the services of somebody else to do the actual dirty work.  Plus you don’t cast the terrific Alan Dale to be the father of somebody peripheral to the main storyline, do you?

Next week: Does Callum Keith Rennie’s ability to shove an entire piece of wedding cake into his mouth and still look creepy at the same time earn Rick a spot on the Television Oddsmakers Leaderboard?  Tune in to find out…

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5 Responses to Television Oddsmakers: Who Killed Rosie Larsen Week 3

  1. Cromulent says:

    Last night’s episode cinched it for me. Its Gwen. Wanna hear the reasons?

  2. Cromulent says:

    Its Gwen Eaton.

    What an interesting name for a “personal introduction” agency: Beau Soleil. I think that would translate as “Sun Lover”.

    Sun Lover? Really? Almost every single woman profiled in this series is a sallow-complected brunette. They have similar statures – well not the girl pregnant by Ahmed – and even their hair looks much the same.

    And isn’t it odd that an agency named Sun Lover seems to have no blondes? We learn of 3 SG employees and all are brunettes: Rosie, her aunt, and Aleena.

    No, the name Beau Soleil is dramatic foreshadowing meant to point us elsewhere. There are just two women on the show who have been kissed by the sun: our raven-haired hero, Sarah Linden, and ……… Gwen Eaton!

    I wonder if we didn’t see just a bit more foreshadowing during the meeting with the newspaper editors. As we see the closeup of Gwen as she realizes that the ghost of Richmond’s dead wife will never leave, I’d swear her makeup is done differently. She actually looks a bit darker, ever so slightly disheveled. In previous episodes her complexion is almost porcelain. Her monstrous act is weighing heavy now.

    Interesting that we don’t see who Richmond’s dinner date at the end was last night. We assume its Gwen, but we don’t really know.

    Also, love the name of rich, snarky, and now we know depraved Mr Drexler. He likes to play basketball, wants to build an arena/stadium complex. And he just happens to have the last name of a legendary player from Seattle’s rival Portland Trailblazers: Clyde “The Glide” Drexler. Coincidence? Au contraire mon frere!

  3. thecommish says:

    Gwen was my guess for the dinner date as well. We never did hear who called Darren while Linden was there did we? My assumption is it was Gwen cancelling after seeing the photos. I still really like Gwen or Jamie for the murder.

  4. Cromulent says:

    If my theory is right, Gwen would probably not cancel. She knows Richmond has issues and at least so far has stuck by him.

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