For Your Consideration – Oscar Wrap-Up

For Your ConsiderationMy mother once told me that if you didn’t have anything nice to say about somebody then you shouldn’t say anything at all.  So how about this, at least the Oscars only went for three hours and fifteen minutes.  Even with the less than fantastic award ceremony, the liveblog was a good time.  We do have one bit of housekeeping to take care of though before we close the books on our award season.  Namely, who won our Oscar picks competition between our fellow, humble proprietors and our evil nemesis, Entertainment Weekly.

So without further ado, here are the results…

  • Entertainment Weekly – 16 points
  • Littlechick – 14 points
  • The Commish – 18 points

So the Commish is the overlord of It’s Only Bullets for the next year.  Of course you may be wondering if there was a friendly wager between the two of us, and I can happily reveal that yes there was a great amount on the line.  Namely the loser of the contest has to perform the song of the winner’s choosing at a great little karaoke spot, filmed of course, and posted for the whole world to see right here on this website.  Performance date TBD, but I will be the first to let you know when that video is on its way.

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