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What’s New in Television: April 2011

As the broadcast television season begins to wind down, the nets don’t miss a beat with several new shows debuting this month.  So without further ado, it is time to take a look at some of the new offerings being served … Continue reading

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Hope Springs Eternal in Television

The months leading up to May is a time for much hand wringing among the casts and crew of many shows across the broadcast networks for the third week of May is judgement day for show’s whose ratings are less … Continue reading

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The Little Show That Could: Southland

Very rarely is a show left for dead given a second life.  And typically when that second life does come along, it certainly does not last for very long.  Yet the renewal of Southland proves that there is always an … Continue reading

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Television 101 – Drifting Away

Change is eternal.  Time passes and you grow old.  Things start to sag, get puffy, and your old clothes just don’t seem to fit anymore.  Short of going under the knife and forwarding thousands of dollars to your favorite plastic … Continue reading

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The Future of Television is Now?

It is probably unfair to say that television is at a crossroads when the medium has been in the throws of a rather steady and predictable shift.  The broadcast networks’ viewership declining in favor of the hundreds of cable channels … Continue reading

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Girlcrushes: Introduction + Mariska Hargitay

Girlcrush is nowhere to be found in mainstream, official, authoritative dictionaries.  I’m perpetually afraid of what I’ll find lurking over at Urban Dictionary (see: The Commish’s reference to RBV), but the internet left me with no choice.  According to Urban … Continue reading

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Weekly Watch: American Idol – Idols Singing Idols

Fellow Idol worshippers, we’re finally getting into the guts of American Idol.  This week, the contestants got to pick songs sung by their idols, which made for some interesting choices. The Count Some of the count items have changed to … Continue reading

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