Weekly Watch: American Idol – So Much Crying

Fellow Idol worshippers, how did you enjoy Rounds 2 and 3 of Hollywood Week?  The producers are working overtime to whittle down their favorites, but there were some surprises along the way.  Some of the early Producer Favorites (or PFs, as we’re going to call them now) disappeared – some completely and some perhaps just momentarily – while others emerged and still others received undue attention.

Seasoned Idol veterans know that Hollywood Week, especially the much anticipated Group Day, brings out the absolute worst in people, but holy cow – this week was all sorts of amazing.  Maybe it’s because the Idol age limit is 15 or maybe it’s because they dropped the level-the-playing-field-bomb-of-all-bombs (genius – quite possibly my favorite moment from last week), but did anyone else feel like they were transported back to high school with all the drama going on?

But we’ll get to that.  First, the counts from the last two episodes.  As expected with Hollywood Week, there was a LOT of crying.  So much crying.

43 distinct instances of crying (the count does not include flashbacks to previous cries or cries that are clearly a continuation of cries we’ve already seen)!  When you consider that a show gets about 45 minutes of air time per hour, and we endured 3 hours of Idol this week, that’s about 1 cry for every 3 minutes of air time.  I cry all the time (honestly, I do – I was watching my favorite girlcrush yesterday on Law & Order: SVU, and I cried twice), and even I don’t cry as much as they do on Idol.

But I digress.  Some of the count categories will become less used as Idol progresses, especially the crying categories, but expect others to ramp up considerably as we move into the live performance weeks.  Personally, I’m looking forward to lots of Randy-isms.  What’s your favorite?

[A note on formatting: the grey shaded boxes mean that this category wasn’t there the previous week(s), so wasn’t counted, and there may be instances of this that occurred that were not captured.  Another programming note: the counts are done by an actual human, and thus are prone to human error and inexactitude (yes, that’s a word) caused by general boredom and not-paying-attention-ness.]

Of Note Last Week
Some general musings on last week’s episode.

Things I Loved

  • Ryan Seacrest’s lovely voiceovers.
  • I really, really, really loved when Ken Warwick, in all his British accent glory, came out and told contestants that they had to have a mix of Day 1 and Day 2 contestants in their groups.  You just knew we were in for some really special drama when that was announced.
  • Big Snooki’s rejection by virtually every contestant (except Jessica) when she was trying to find a group.  Note to Snookies everywhere: this is what happens when you tell everyone “I’m tired of watching people try to do what I know I can.”
  • JLo’s admission that she was scared of Big Snooki’s “group”.
  • The way Carrot Top welcomed the Little Chubby Kid (his name is JC, but it’s spelled differently and I don’t want to look it up) into his group.  I thought that was really touching.  (I cried.)
  • When everyone clapped for the Little Chubby Kid after his botched group performance.  (More crying.  Perhaps I should starting how many times I cry, too.)
  • The missing member of Spanglish who was posin’ and flexin’ in his hotel door.
  • The ex-couple drama!  I especially loved the way the girl kept repeating that they weren’t getting back together.  Poor guy.

Things I Didn’t Love

  • The Noodle Nose girl.  Aside from being really disgusting and kind of cringe-worthy – I cringed just thinking about it – that girl is really doing the state of Ohio no favors.  Even though that would normally qualify it for Things I Loved, the grossness of it wins out in the end.
  • The girls who put Steven Tyler on the chair and sang to him.  Yawn.  So lame.  And it didn’t even work, as two of them went home!  A sidebar to that is that I did love when JLo said, “Sorry!” to the ones who went home, but clearly wasn’t.
  • Jessica somethingorother who was wearing a dress that JLo and Steven Tyler really liked.  Ummm, were we looking at the same dress?  Because I saw a ’90s Barbie semi-formal dress that looked like it was made out of trashbags.  FUG.
  • People who wear giant plastic-framed glasses that take up half their face.  Especially when those people are mean.
  • Contestants who think that growling and screaming and hiccuping through a song is singing.  It’s not.  I’m looking at you, first contestant on solo day (Round 3).

Random Thoughts

  • There was a guy who sang by reading the lyrics off his hand.  Do you think he should be counted as someone who forgot the lyrics?  (He’s not, currently.)
  • There seems to be another round of auditions.  I haven’t decided if I like this or not.  It certainly seems to make more sense than the previous system, where the judges already knew who made it to the Top 24 prior to putting people into rooms.  Now it seems like there’s an additional layer of final auditions which could go either way.  Let’s watch and see.

Early Favorites

  • What happened to the White House Intern?  I swear I saw her on Group Day, briefly, but we didn’t see her at all this week by name.  Do you think she went home?
  • I like Carrot Top and the Little Chubby Kid.  They’re sweet and can actually sing.
  • I like that girl from Nashville who keeps singing Steven Tyler songs.  I do think she should introduce her hair to a brush or a comb a little bit more often.

American Idol is on Wednesday, 2/23 and Thursday, 2/24 at 8/7C on Fox.

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