The Best TV Shows I’ve Never Seen

Let’s travel back to the late ’80s/early ’90s again.  This time we’ll visit TV land.

First, a confession – when I was a kid, one of my favorite shows was “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.  Every Saturday afternoon, I had to go to church with my mother, aunt, and grandparents.  When I got old enough to learn how to bargain, my Dad said the only way I could skip church on a given weekend was if I gave up watching TNG (that’s what the cool kids call it).  I always picked church.

On weekday afternoons, I mainly watched the Disney Channel (Gummi Bears!  Chip n Dale!  Duck Tales!  Kids Incorporated (with a pre-meth Fergie)!  The Mickey Mouse Club!), and like most other kids my age, I also enjoyed ABC’s TGIF line-up.  I grew up with Steve Urkel, Mr. Cooper, the Tanners, and Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy.

Before I reveal the “best” shows I’ve never seen, you might want to mentally prepare yourself, if you haven’t already.

  • “Beverly Hills 90210”
  • “Blossom”
  • “Cops”
  • “Golden Girls”
  • “Married with Children”
  • “Melrose Place”
  • “My So-Called Life”
  • “Punky Brewster”
  • “Saved by the Bell”

These are all shows that I’ve never seen at all.  Any references you make to characters or plotlines from these shows will go right over my head.

Here’s another fun list: shows I didn’t see until I was in college or even later than that:

  • “Friends”
  • “Jerry Springer” (saw this for the first time in the last year or so)
  • “The Simpsons”

Amazingly enough, I never saw the original Transformers cartoon either…

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