The New New Year’s Resolution

You’ve met one half of the duo operating this fine electronic establishment so I guess it’s finally time to add my greetings and salutations on to the pile as well.  Littlechick gave you a bit of a preview last month, but now that the calendar has rolled over to 2011, its time to rip the plastic wrap off of our new toy and kick the tires just a bit.  What is this new toy exactly?  Hell if I know, but we’ll have fun nonetheless bringing it to you anyway.  Ultimately we’ll probably steer towards our thoughts on the pop culture of this great land in general but don’t hold us to it as New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken anyway.

So with that the marathon has begun, and let me welcome you on board this crazy train on its way to points unknown.  I’ll be back this week with my thoughts on the year that was in the great wasteland that is television plus more.

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