Let’s get to it.

I’m going to spare you the “Hi, and welcome to this awesome blog” post, even though this blog is totally awesome.  I was going to save my first post for “Top Chef All Stars”, because that’s been sitting on my DVR since last Wednesday, and I pestered The Commish all weekend so we could get up and running.

(He’ll join us in a bit.  Until then you’re stuck with me.)

But instead, the Indianapolis Colts fell to 6-6 today, losing to the Cowboys, who aren’t even playing for a playoff spot anymore, and were basically given the win, gift wrapped, with Peyton Manning’s 4th interception of the game (and 11th in the past 3 games, starting with the soul-crushing (for me, more on that later) loss in Foxborough)).

I love the Colts, but I try to be a football realist.  I’m not going to mouth off a bunch of stats about what it will take for the Colts to advance to the playoffs.  But come January 3rd, I’m pretty sure you’ll find me already dreaming about next season.  The good news is that I was a Red Sox fan, so luckily I’ve had plenty of practice.

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